The United Nations Association for Playfulness Of Older Peoples


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  What UNAPOOP is
  How UNAPOOP happened
  What UNAPOOP does


“Some people aren’t prepared to play; to engage with one another in an imaginative way; to give in to those beautiful childhood instincts for unfettered fun. It’s a sickness. A mental illness with horrendous side effects. Take out ‘play’ and what have people got to do all day?

Money earning. Power hankering. Land grabbing. War mongering. Religious crusading. That’s what people spend time on, when life’s not all swings and roundabouts.”

- Dr Professor Hornhon Hototototot PhD

“When a fully grown adult, waiting at the bus stop, asks a stranger if they would like a game of tig and is point-blank refused (as well as being given a ‘funny’ look), it is clear that something is wrong with our society.”

- Sir Alan Sugar

“Only a play-full world, begets a peace-full one.”

- Anne Egg

  UNAPOOP recognises that due to specific factors our sense of playfulness is suppressed as we grow; by parents, peers, employers, and purveyors

  UNAPOOP understands that this suppression affects the nature of our society and that without play-full there can be no peace-full

  UNAPOOP works to permeate playfulness into adulthood, addressing the barriers that inhibit its assimilation

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How UNAPOOP happened

11th of December 1946 -The United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) is formed for the benefit of supporting - in various ways - the World’s children.

10th of December 1959 -The International Declaration of the Rights of the Child is adopted by the UN General Assembly. One of the core principles being:

‘The child shall have full opportunity for play and…society and the public authorities shall endeavour to promote the enjoyment of this right.’

30th of January 2013 - Finally recognising that this principle is equally as critical to the wellbeing of the World’s fully-grown population, the United Nations Association for Playfulness Of Older Peoples (UNAPOOP) is formed.

3rd-24th August 2013 - A comic theatre production, ‘Listen, Lancelot…’ part-funded by UNAPOOP is staged at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Venue 63, Dragonfly, 52 West Port, EH1 2LD. Show time 22:10 daily. Free entry.

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What UNAPOOP does

  Running Self Conversational Classes (SCCs) for people interested in learning or improving how they talk to themselves both in private and public.

  Campaigning for the mandatory provision of swings in all new commercial building developments for use by staff members.

  Commissioning public displays of playful peculiarity; normalising the abnormal.

  Banning the word weird to describe a person or their actions.

  Instigating Hide and Seek Wednesdays at Goldman Sachs

  Holding Shop–Dance classes, teaching choreography appropriate for the music played in retail outlets.

  Sectioning CEOs and shareholders suffering from Avarice or extreme greed in specially designed fun houses until they learn the true meaning of life


  Initiating the Seymour Sea-Saws (SSS) Scheme – holding workshops to teach people to build and install adult sized sea-saws in their local area.

  Brokering agreements between advertising companies, PR firms and marketing agencies that regulate their business practices and prevent them from portraying particular products and lifestyles as a necessity worth the expense of a lifetime’s enslavement to wages.

  Posting dog dirt through the letterbox of TV channel E!

We do all this, and there’s still much more POOP in the pipeline.

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